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I am not easily offended, so sue me. Wait, you just might.

January 26, 2009

i feel like I’m missing out. I am intensely curious about the various groups and persons that find it in themselves to be continuously offended by the goings-on of the day. I am trying to understand what goes on in their heads when they take offence? Is it like insominia? Indigestion? And is that reason enough to set a theater on fire or raid a pub or beat students up and not let them take exams? For the record, I’ve had indigestion and besides panicking because I couldn’t find an antacid and ransacking my medicine cabinet, I felt no further aggression.

I think randomly of events that have “offended” groups in the past. The Sena destroyed theaters that showed Fire because it displayed homosexuality (because us Hindus, we are heterosexual by definition). MF Hussain our greatest painter is in exile because of his portrayal of naked goddesses (we can do that ourselves thank you, take a look at our temples). Salman Rushdie has a fatwa because he questioned the Koran (because one man’s interpretation of Islam shatters the religion for 500 million others). Couples are beaten up in public parks for holding hands. Yes we’d rather you hide somewhere in misery if you dare to show affection.

All the effort spent in not letting something happen because someone was offended. I want to know now who was offended and why, enough to make these Sena men raid this pub. So these girls was offending you by wearing skimpy clothes. And you humiliated them in an attempt to restore their dignity?

I’ve realized I’m not offended by much and not often. But I’ll keep trying. Oh wait except, there was once a time when I was offered a seat on the bus by a young man. I think he thought I was pregnant. I gave him a curt “No thanks” and went home and did some crunches. It was brutal.

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  1. January 27, 2009 5:41 pm

    Shocking, isn’t it? And lol at your punch line. 🙂

    Anu! Good to see you. You know I was attempting to be droll but the more I read about it, it’s just disheartening. Slumdog has been served a PIL to change the name of the movie. MNS workers threw bottles at Mumbai univ because Marathi is not offered as an option for BA. A sweet shop called Karachi Sweet Shop in Mulund has been threatened and asked to change its name (the owners came from Karachi during partition and have been operating for three decades).
    There’s no end to how we all have to pay when someone chooses to “take offence.”

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