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Tom thinks we Indians have it right. Again

February 18, 2009

Sigh, here’s Tom Friedman again the unofficial US ambassador for Banglaore extolling on the virtues of all things India. Except now he has taken to going north of Bangalore. Recently he was in New Delhi and now he is praising the Muslims in India for their refusal to bury the Mumbai terrorists in the article No way, Not now, Not here.

This is old hat to us Indians. We knew that right away. Some of us thought it in bad taste and some others, befitting. But Mr. Tom Muthuswamy Friedman of course makes us out to be the most secular, peaceful nation there is. Maybe someone should show him the ad that the BJP ran in Hindustan Times 2 days after the tragedy “Stop Terrorism. Vote BJP.” By lauding India’s Muslims as though they had a real choice in the matter, not only is he being his usual patronizing self but he is glossing over all the ailments every minority in India faces. That of marginalization and constant fear of the majority. I am not saying that the sentiment is not real but to make it appear as though this is purely symbolic and patriotic is just ridiculous. It is also self-preservation for Muslims in India, now under probation in their own country.

Allow me to be sentimental and think that there are some Indian Muslims that think the practical way and don’t mind the nine bodies buried instead of rotting forever and clogging up morgue space. To make a political statement out of this is to just….well, make a political statement. Muslims in India are fearful of retribution right now. Any type of ostensible allegiance with the terrorists would be suicide. I normally wouldn’t mind a little praise for us Indians but this type of superficial commentary is hardly constructive.

Come now Tom, don’t you have a call centre to visit?

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  1. March 4, 2009 5:13 pm

    lol! Loved this one. 😀

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