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Composting in NYC

March 24, 2011

I thought before I gave my two cents on How to Compost, I’d direct those interested to easily available resources here in New York City. The go-to site is It gives easy to understand instructions about both indoor and outdoor composting. The Lower East Side Ecology Center (LESEC) runs the Manhattan Compost Project and you can find where composting workshops are held here. I attended mine last year for a mere $5. You can certainly make your own worm bin but they sell discounted worm bins either right after a workshop or give you a coupon for a discounted bin which you can pick up later at the Union Square greenmarket. The worm bins are very well made with built-in air vents and prevent odors. The LESEC also has a composting hotline at 212-477-3155 where you can call should you have pressing questions. Don’t laugh – I once spent a sleepless night wondering about the excessive condensation in my worm bin. Don’t get too excited though; they only answer questions Monday through Friday.

You can also buy a pound of worms (about a 1000) along with the bin for about $44. I remember the chilly Fall day I bought this and couldn’t find a cab so took the subway as usual. This is NY so you can never be too unconventional and no one is bothered enough to get curious but I reckon even the most blase New Yorker would’ve thrown a fit if they knew they had worms as co-passengers.

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